Here are a few of our recent projects

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In the fall of 2016, Pendulum Services LLC needed a new website.  They chose TR Media, and the project was completed in about 30 days.  Their site includes pages about the company, links to external sites, and a blog feature.

Lindsborg Laundry LLC

Lindsborg Laundry found us via word of mouth.  They were impressed with our work and had an affordable site up and running very quickly, within 72 hours. 

PS WEB (Public Safety Web)

PS Web is an intranet site developed for use on a closed network of city and county emergency responders.  It uses a variety of coding options to make database queries available to first responders in their cars.  

Covenant Church

The Lindsborg Covenant Church is a multimedia-rich powerhouse featuring embedded high-def video and live streaming each week.  Their site is frequently updated with fresh content and events.

" I love a good website "